About Us

Welcome to Martec International, home of the heavy duty transportation industry’s largest and most experienced single-source for repair parts and supplies. With over 60 years in business, Martec has grown through both geographic and product line expansion. With a complete line of container, chassis, and trailer parts Martec has everything that you need. Martec offers multiple OE brands and has introduced a private label program, so no part is out of reach.

The single-source concept for the heavy duty transportation industry has proven to be effective with Martec supporting national accounts with some of the worlds most renowned shipping companies, chassis leasing companies, and maintainance and repair depots. Martec is dedicated to the continued growth through acquisition, geographic, and product line expansion to better serve customer needs. With an emphasis on relationships and protecting the long term investments of our clients Martec is here for you.

Martec is not your typical heavy duty transportation parts company. With roots going back to 1957, Martec has been intimately involved in the sale and distribution of repair and replacement products in North, Central and South America for decades. We have what you need, when you need it. Martec offers a full range of innovative transportation parts solutions for all makes and models. Our parts and shipping experts will work with you and get you what you need to continue moving your equipment cost-effectively, efficiently, and safely.

Mission Statement

Why have we chosen as our mission TO PROVIDE PRODUCTS AND VALUE ADDED SERVICES TO THE GLOBAL TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY THROUGH HIGH TRUST RELATIONSHIPS, CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS AND COMPETITIVE PRICING? Because these 21 words best describe our culture. Since our early days we have always worked to be more than just a supplier of parts, but to work together with our customers to meet their specific needs. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop specialty products and or personalized services tailored to our customer's needs. This can mean we stock their shelves on a regular basis or maintain their product flow and even creating or modifying products to meet their particular needs. Our people in the field are prepared not only with a high degree of product knowledge but also have been thoroughly inoculated with our mission statement so that they know not to turn away from issues.

Some say that to hang our mission statement on our office walls is excessive, but we disagree. It is a constant reminder of what we stand for and a very integral part of our culture. Our people are passionate about what they do and are here to advocate for our customers. Over the years we have established very personal relationships with our clients and they appreciate the fact that they know who is on the other end of the email or telephone, and are confident that their needs will not be ignored or put on hold.

Let us prove it to you.

Core Values

Our core values are the heartbeat of our company - they give our mission statement the gas to make it run and it all starts with Respect. If we have no respect for management, each other or our customers then we are out of gas. What are the essentials that define us and make us successful? We call it RESPEC2T:

  • R = Results (both for us as well as our clients)
  • E = Empowerment (0ur people are empowered to do what is right)
  • = Success (only if we meet the terms of our mission statement)
  • = Performance (quick, precise and pleasing)
  • = Execution (do what we say and say what we do)
  • C2 = Communication and Commitment (leave no one in the dark)
  • = Trust (once the project has been handed off results will follow)

These words define and what stands behind them defines us. We challenge you to test our core values and experience our commitment yourself.

Martec Today


After its very humble beginnings in 1979 Martec today is a major player in the transportation industry. Concentrating on chassis, container and trailer repair and replacement parts. Having developed distributor relationships with the most respected domestic and well as international manufacturers of chassis, container and trailer parts, Martec boasts of a national as well as international presence through its 6 strategically located facilities in Texas, Florida, California , Illinois and New Jersey as well as in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras. These locations support their local and surrounding markets through regular company operated trucks which distribute martec products as far away as Canada and the lower cone of South America.

As a member of Hinton Transportation Investments, our philosophy has not changed as we continue to observe the needs of our clients by meeting and anticipating their needs with quality products and service. Our lighting and safety line sold through UBLights as well as our long standing supply of cargo securing gear complements our core business of repair and replacement parts in the transportation industry. Martec has and always is searching out new products, new markets and possible strategic acquisitions in order to keep the momentum going and growing.

Martec not only continues to grow but has invested heavily in the building of the organizational structure which today defines it. Purchasing, logistics, operations, communication, accounting, sales, marketing and human relations together form these strong structural building blocks bringing you a better than ever Martec.





Founded in 1957 by Carl Ewig, Martec International began by representing shipping interests in the US. As the company grew, the focus shifted to supply, with the concept of becoming an intermodal supermarket. With the growth of the shipping and container industry, Martec International has remained focused, and continues to serve the intermodal industry. This single-source concept for the intermodal industry has proven effective with national contracts with some of the world’s most renowned shipping companies and repair depots.




Martec International has combined the purchasing power of a multinational corporation with the service level of a local shop. By using that positioning, we can offer our distributor network the best of all worlds. Martec is able to provide a range of products to meet any heavy transportation need. We specialize in supplying the needs of large and mid-sized fleets, and can customize a solution to fit your needs. With distribution hubs across the country, your parts can be shipped or delivered in time to ensure your fleet keeps rolling.




Martec International is constantly working to make great service better. From streamlining operations to using the best available ordering and forecasting processes, Martec is fully committed to being your best provider option. Martec International will customize a solution to fit your fleet needs, size, and locations. From single-depot to a distributed network, Martec can meet your needs. We believe that knowledge is value, both to us and to you, and we make sure that you have the information you need. At Martec International, partnerships build successes.