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Houston | Martec International

Here at Martec International Houston, we are happy to provide the Gulf Coast Region with a great selection of transportation industry parts as well as second to none customer service. Strategically located in East Houston, our 28,000+ square foot warehouse allows us to have the right product, at the right time, at the right price for you, our valued customer. Don't forget to inquire about our free freight/delivery policies.

In addition to container, chassis, semi-trailer, cargo securing, and lighting & safety products, we also offer metal fabricated parts to meet our customer's special needs.

We pride ourselves on our professional and caring approach. We are not limited to just getting the job done, we ensure that all of our customers look to us as their partners and as a critical asset in their very own daily operations.

Martec International Houston is truly thankful for our customers whose loyalty, confidence and unwavering support have been the source of our success and growth over the years.

Please call us today to inquire about our UBL Lighting and Safety Products Program…

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