Pintle Hook Assembly, Complete


Pintle Hook Assembly, Complete

Pintle Hook Assembly, Complete

Coupling Products, Pintle Hook Assembly, Complete, PH-410RA11, Holland
Item #: 89HOLPH410RA11

Rigid mount pintle hook designed for trailers and semitrailers in doubles and triples operations. Used for off- and over-the-road applications. Complete assembly including a pintle hook, plunger, air chamber, and mounting bracket.

20,000 lbs. (9,070 kg) Max. Vertical Load

100,000 lbs. (45,360 kg) Max. Gross Trailer Weight
Weight: 42 lbs. (19 kg)
Drawbar Eye Dimensions: 2.38″ to 3' I.D. with 1.25″ to 1.63″ diameter section.

• Air cushioned snubber is designed to minimize the gap between the pintle hook and the drawbar on vehicles with air systems.
• Cast steel alloy body is heat treated for increased strength,durability, and wear resistance.
• Plunger/snubber force is developed by the vehicle’s air system to reduce wear and to provide shock absorption.
• Adjustable plunger
• The complete assembly includes a pintle hook, plunger, air chamber, and mounting bracket. Please see available variations in the right-hand column.
• Can be operated with or without the air chamber.
• Complies with NOM-0350-SCT-2-2010 Safety Specifications and Test Methods.
• Available with a tethered lock pin, see variations in the right-hand column.

For severe off-road applications, reduce the above maximum capacities by 25% and use with a swivel-mount drawbar.

There are the corresponding part number from the manufacturer or other distributors.
  • 00-021-920
  • PH410RA11
  • PH-410RA11