1/2 X 2 PVC Sch 80 Nipple TBE


1/2 X 2 PVC Sch 80 Nipple TBE

1/2 X 2 PVC Sch 80 Nipple TBE

Fitting, Nipple, Schedule 80 Eag, PVC, 1/2" X 2"
Item #: 2006005020

1/2 inch X 2 inch PVC Schedule 80 Nipple

  • Made from molded Schedule 80 PVC
  • Standard iron pipe size threads on each end
  • For use with cold water only

Schedule 80 PVC nipples offer versatility, strength, and precision for any irrigation project. Standard nipples are male Iron Pipe Threaded on each end with a varying lengths depending on your needs. Molded from superior PVC resins which offers equivalent strength, consistency, and durability to machined risers.

Meets ASTM D-1784, ASTM D-1785, ASTM A733, ASTM F-1498, ASME B1.20.1 standards.

There are the corresponding part number from the manufacturer or other distributors.
  • 6005020
  • 775-040050