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Martec celebrates its 50th Birthday! (PDF)

Martec International Co-Founds the Intermodal Equipment Alliance

Recognizing the inherent challenges that face the container industry in the new millennium, companies representing the major manufacturers and vendors of container parts & accessories have come together to form the Intermodal Equipment Alliance.

With this merger, the Alliance will serve as the watchdog of the intermodal industry; looking to guarantee that supply quality, reliability and availability of container parts is maintained.

Container repair depots and equipment owners and operators can be assured that the Intermodal Equipment Alliance will facilitate the supply of parts to enable the container industry to use the correct materials at competitive pricing and thus satisfy the requirements of their customers.

The Alliance brings together the largest worldwide intermodal equipment suppliers into a collective international purchasing and sales alliance. The founding members of the IEL include:

Martec International

  • Through its numerous continental U.S. locations (including a footprint in all major ports), its Central American locations and a extensive range of agents, Martec provides the IEL umbrella for all North and South American ports and transportation hubs.

Van Doorn

  • Represents coverage in the Benelux range through its Rotterdam office and has a distribution network in most European cities as well as representation in South America.

The Gavan Group

  • Gavan companies cover all major ports areas of Australia and New Zealand through regional offices and stock points. The Gavan group also covers the Pacific Islands, Papua, New Guinea and the island of Mauritius.

Mr. Thomas Ewig, Chairman of Martec International, stated at the meeting that this alliance is a reflection of the present state of the transportation industry that demands ever more efficient and cost effective efforts on the part of the participants. The Intermodal Equipment Alliance truly reflects a responsive action to these demands.

Martec International Purchases Monon Trailer PDC

Martec International, a Division of Carl F. Ewig, Inc buys the Monon Trailer PDC in Illinois. After extensive negotiations with the owners who purchased the assets of Monon Trailers from the bankruptcy courts, Martec International successfully concluded a contract to purchase the PDC located at 17311 Fusion Way in Country Club Hills Illinois. This facility with 20,000 square feet of inside storage space and sitting on 200,000 square feet of land, will allow Martec to grow it's Mid West distribution unimpeded by space restraints.

"This is exactly what we were looking for", stated Bob Gaskin, General Manager of the Martec's Midwest operations. Bob himself comes out of the Monon family and brings many years of experience in trailer and chassis repair and replacement parts distribution.

"Bob pointed us toward this opportunity and we took full advantage of his knowledge and expertise to make it happen. Today Martec Midwest is the largest of Martec International's distribution facilities and has launched us squarely into the trailer business", stated Alex Ewig (President, Martec Int.). "We are extremely pleased with the developments in Illinois and look forward to continued growth and recognition in this important industry. "

"The Mayor of Country Club Hills and Budget administrator of Cook County, the Honorable Dwight Welch recently welcomed me and Martec to his town and county and has worked diligently in order to make this happen", Mr. Ewig went on to say. "We look forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship with the town fathers as well as the Midwest Repair and Replacement Parts industry."

Intermodal Equipment Alliance (IEL) Members Meet in New Jersey

The members of the IEA (Martec International of the Americas, Van Doorn of Europe and the Gavan Group of the Far East/Austral/New Zealand) met in New Jersey during the week of August 19th in order to continue to explore both continued efficiencies in cooperative purchasing as well as selling activities. The IEA through its approximately 22 locations in the Americas, Europe and Far East/Australasia has developed an ever expanding system of container/ chassis parts purchasing and sales activities.

Not only does the IEA listen to the needs of the container owner and work with their manufacturer in order to secure the after market parts at the best possible price and delivery conditions, but also is constantly shopping the world wide markets for alternatives sources if such alternative sourcing can stand the test of both quality and pricing.

The IEA also, through constant dialogue with the repairer, has developed innovative solutions to nagging problems and points to such ideas as the T floor repair kit, the universal side stringer as well as IEA sourced and IEA labeled products. Such IEA labeled products, although to date only representing a small portion of the total concept, include such items as the IEA container vent, IEA sealants, IEA spray and container paints, IEA hand and brake cleaners and IEA aluminum PVC and EPDM Extrusions.

It is IEA's mission to be on the constant lookout for more economical ways of getting the job done and with this end in mind, has an annual purchasing travel initiative which includes visits to Far Eastern as well as European and other countries identified, suppliers in order to engage them in discussions for the benefit of the industry. We will be visible at the Rotterdam as well as Fort Lauderdale trade shows and are also looking to participate in the Sao Paulo as well as selected Far East shows in the future.

We welcome and in fact have received input from container owners who also tread these same paths. We feel that, together with the market intelligence of the IICL, we can create and even more economical solution to the vexing problems of container/chassis repairs.